Is your wedding design looking like a frustrating mess?

A wedding design blueprint will turn confusion to clarity .

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Have you ever wondered how all Instagramable weddings get amazingly perfect photos of magical wedding settings all the time?

You know EXACTLY what I'm talking about... The stunning images that you have been scrolling through for inspiration.

Their flowers are the perfect shade of blush. Everyone is looking like they are having an amazing experience. The reception table set up is a dream of the perfect combination of colour, linens and just right florals. Who are these people and how did they get the perfect wedding look?!

You must be thinking these people are coughing up thousands on designers, hire equipment, and florists, right?

Well, what if that actually wasn't the case? What if, those "picture perfect" weddings all had in common one thing, they had a simple blueprint that made sure everyone involved in the set-up of the wedding could follow.

Hi, my name is Rebecca! I have been a professional wedding planner and designer for a long time, and the #1 thing I get asked by my clients is, "How the heck do I know where to start with my wedding design??"

If you're like 99% of newly engaged couples, you probably feel like this is head wrecking stuff to be trying to make sense of. You know the "look" you want but to put that in words is mystifying. Armed with an overflowing Pinterest board, you're struggling to make head or tail of the direction you want to go in. You're freaking out that you may have blown the budget on flowers choices. Then trying to convey your vision to creative vendors you feel like a fish out of water.

You might even have resigned yourself to just not pursuing those perfect little details that you really want due to it all seeming way too hard...

Well, I'm here to change all that! I want to help you perfectly articulate your wedding day vision so that all your professional suppliers will know exactly what you need the finished product (your wedding design)to look like.

You don't need to be uncertain, because I've boiled down the very best of my 10+ years of professional wedding design expertise into a blueprint that is personalised just for you.

I call it, Wedding Design Blueprint!

I am going to equip you with the language, visuals and outline to hire your creative vendors with confidence. I am going to supply you with a blueprint so that all your ideas come together in stunning, perfectly executed lifetime memories that would make even the most popular 'Insta-Weddings' jealous!

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Virtual wedding design blueprint details

A 45min private consultation over Zoom for an in-depth conversation about your vision and what is important for your wedding day...

Downloadable and printable blueprint (the exact same one I use for my full-service clients) that covers the look and feel of your day including colour pallet, seating plan, Ceremony description, Cocktail hour description, Reception description, personal details and images to back it all up...

Email templates to use to send to your vendors to convey exactly what you are needing and what information you would like them to send back to you...

Revision consultation to confirm or make changes so that your blueprint is exactly what you expect to see on your wedding day...

And a hire list to help you pull it all together!

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Here's Everything You Get...

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45 Minute Consultation

We will have a Zoom or phone call and do a dive into the elements that will make up your wedding day and how you would like them to look and feel.

I will run you through a series of questions to help form the picture and compile the information needed to create your personalised blueprint ($150 Value)

Downloadable and Printable Blueprint

Within seven days receive your personalised Wedding Blueprint for your reference to send to vendors, use to book in all your hire equipment and make sure that everyone is on your same design page ($230 Value)

Hire List and Email Templates

Armed with a hire list that takes the guesswork out of your hire needs, you will have all that you need to bring your wedding design together. So that there is no confusion use our email templates to contact your vendors and ask for everything, like a pro ($50 Value)


Claim A Free Gifts With Your Order!

And because you are a first-time customer, when you purchase your Virtual Wedding Blueprint today, we will also throw in these additional bonuses at no additional charge.

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Wedding Planners Timeline

($249 Value)

The exact wedding planning timeline that I use with my full-service clients. Tick off the items over the months and stay ahead of the wedding planning game so that you feel in control and on track with all your tasks.

Get your Virtual Wedding Design Blueprint for just $159 today!

My "Design Perfect" Guarantee!

I know you are going to absolutely fall in love with the Wedding Blueprint Design for your wedding! In fact, you will be excited and feel overjoyed, or I'll send back every penny you paid.

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